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Rabu, 24 Februari 2010


Indiana, America company.
A The type 's cat ginger tabby 4 years old saved after arrow penetrate his head. That cat called Brownie disappeared although after being shot. Brownie finally returned to his employer ' house after three days disappearing.

p/s : moral here love your pet animals like you care your not kill cat!! manlike also...

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Highest DOG pictorial world with his owner, David Nasser in Tucson, United States.

TUCSON - Guinness World Records party announced a Great Dane special breed dog in United States (US) as highest dog in the world because height measured from foot to to his shoulder hit 1.09 metres.

Dog given the Giant George 's name high two centimetres compared his close competitor, Titan who is also of Great Dane breed from San Diego.

A few Guinness officer stating exist contradictory report related George height cause them send a jury to mengesahkannya.

Dog as heavy as 115 kilogrammes four-year-old the possessed by David Nasser. - AP

P/S: Do not know on the other hand be highest dog in the world...what which foods fed by the dog's master??? MUST IF CHASE VERY FAST PEOPLE..HEHEHE BUT AT my house BE BIG DOG BEAR??WHY NOT ENTER GUINNESS??HUHUHU

Isnin, 22 Februari 2010


WHEN many peer other children with him may be on busy playing video game or computer software in the house, or spending time romp in field, the small this have already his exclusive activity distinctive.

Accompanied gajet having size and as heavy as about one per 20 of the his body statistic, Danial Fitri 's perception Md Yusoff Othman, 7, already reached to finest angle and may be often neglected average child.

Keen interest which indicated Danial that is which brought Kosmo! to Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor recently. Preoccupied and amazed feeling fill the photography exhibition space when enjoy 30 offerings creativity work photo

In exhibitions theme the Bicara Alam, topics for Daniel 's work that unique. There is given Hantu name and Gajah, Burung in Atas Elektrik, Burung Diri Jauh, Rumah Terbakar and Monyet Menung. Extra special, all the title is pupil creation one myself standard one.

Since his talent is inside skil photography started honed from age 4 years, Danial now already belongs hundreds photo collection which mostly theme animal and environment.

"Picture most I like to was Gajah and Hantu. This one elephant and this one phantom," said Danial to writers while showing shadow recording human and stone block.

At first a person could could not imagine elephant and phantom when see that picture. However, when explained that way by Daniel, new imagination take over then the stone similar to temporary an elephant human shadow on the other hand looked like what that is believed as phantom.

Proved the small with height 104 centimetres the not only own talent photograph but also owns extraordinary view on what diambilnya.

Are excited with Kosmo visit!, Danial running to get his camera and show his actions photograph. Hand and fingers Danial small did not stop him to put up and run the camera resembling experienced a photographer.

Although attitude and gayanya photograph has not been similar professional photographer, however those results recorded of button quotation the camera quite admirable. Indirectly it reflect personal Danial like observe and had profoundest curiousity.

On that exhibition, Danial says he easy when see so many of the people visit to see his photograph output.

"But why who come all adult, not children like me?" Ask Danial invite sense-of-humour and smile in lip hear it.

Daniel tells, he bide to see lake nearby area because according to him there have been lots fish and bird. View in also nice lake, he said.

According to Danial 's mother, Azmatul Hazrin Zaman, 33, the child of its already shown interest in photography since four-year-old.

"If I and husband photograph, we always carried Danial with. Ever once before Danial clever photograph, he ask to me 'what mother is making?'

"Danial also ever taken my camera and try to take photograph. At first I worried he will harm that camera. However, what was going on, Danial clever photograph and his result is also nice.

"After he showing interest, I and husband no fed up teach him," Azmatul speech also represent his husband sense of pride, Md Yusoff Othman, 61.

Which tumpahnya gravy otherwise to rice. Likewise Danial inherit talent photographing in photography field. Itself Azmatul is experienced a photographer while Md Yusoff on the other hand was field former lecturer Universiti Teknologi Mara photography (UiTM), Shah Alam.

Even previously, Azmatul and Md Yusoff already many times doing solo exhibition which gathered great results their lens recording.

Meanwhile, photography exhibition launched by Education Director-General, Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd. Dome in that day can be seen as family exhibition.

Alam talk also present Azmatul photography 's work and Md Yusoff.

Making world as inspiration, inside art direction each photo displayed a lot of play with artistical aspect through motive usage, icon and metaphor.

Md Yusoff told, normally Kampung Sekinchan, Selangor becoming place them bring Danial photographs.

"There many birds and paddy field. Apart from that, I will bring Danial takes my country close-up namely Kampung Sri Kendong, Negeri Sembilan," he said also owns also fond a son photograph namely Darius Feroz, 2.

But Md claim Yusoff, Darius still not clever yet photograph beautiful. The this father joke, currently Darius knows raise and press camera button only.

Danial in fact spoke eloquently have asked before with Azmatul why sometimes picture diambilnya not pretty. He told his camera already damaged. Whereas, picture diambilnya the vague due to hand vibration.

Finally, Azmatul buys Danial tripod to memudahkannya photograph. Azmatul adds, now Danial already clever determine aperture and speed shutter with itself.

Quoted said Alimuddin wishful Danial will become inspiration to other student through that photography exhibition, many can be deduced.

Not only example make children, in fact it be lesson to group of parents. Intellect, talent and interest cultivating on beneficial activity indeed necessary instituted at young age.

"One day wait me want so great photographer," said Danial which obviously look far dream and ambition question

p/s: felt so amazed with talent be in younger brother Danial this...good if already know child's talent - child from small again, later already large no need to work hard what your child fancy in something field...fadzul pray younger brother Danial continue to compose as photographer popular in world's eye..insyaallah...

Death story Mahmoud !!


NEW YORK - Such as film in Hollywood on tale of murder.

New York press Post yesterday list way a murder squad murder Hamas 's a commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh at a luxury hotel in Dubai, Emiriyah Arab Bersatu (UAE) in last January.

The murder squad previously associated with Mossad intelligence agency Israel property.

According to the press, Mahmoud are born in Kem Jabalia in Gaza Strip in 1960 have kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers in 1989 in Palestine.

After the murder are known by general, Israel pledge will revenge while Mahmoud escape but he do not go out of

After the murder are known by general, Israel pledge will revenge while Mahmoud escape but he do not go out of Hamas 's movement.

Mahmoud then reported smuggle firearm and explosive revert to Gaza from Syria was the place live him new.

More 20 years ago, he help Hamas gets Iranian artificial missile bullet afford to fly to its neighbours countries.

The Hamas 's commander almost can be caught Israel but he managed to smuggling into Syria.

However, Israel reconnaissance then obtained information that Mahmoud will be at Dubai in months ago to buy firearm from

The Hamas 's commander then book flight over the Internet.

When Mahmoud arrives in Dubai, he contact his wife and told place location live him.

A few Hamas officer admitted Mahmoud 's action contact the wife reveal him in danger.

It is best time to do attack.

Evidence-based found through closed circuit camera recording (CCTV) and passport being falsified, Dubai the authorities decided that there is a elite squad murder Mahmoud.

Killer squad defendant Dubai the authorities as many as 17 people including one woman use usually visible trick and tactic in writing novels US diplomats container (US), Jason Bourne.

Ketua Polis Dubai, Dahi Khalfan Tamim believes 99 percent that Mossad is murder mastermind Mahmoud.

Although get international criticism, Israel not confirm or denied carrying out operation murder Mahmoud.

What known was a team had training high enter Dubai to do the dragged on operation during 10 hours.

The operation late start night in last January 19.

Track the Hamas 's commander started when two men agent departed to Dubai by bringing passport which declares his name as Michael Bodenheimer and James Leonard Clarke namely respectively from Germany and Britain.

Shortly, another aircraft which brought a lanky thin woman aged in 30s radius, wears glasses and claimed from Ireland by using Gail Folliard name arrived.

The woman are flying from Paris with a Irishman, Kevin Daveron bases name in forged passport.

Dubai monitoring 's camera record four people image gathered at a field

The lanky thin woman checked into Al Bustan Rotana hotel inhabited that Hamas 's commander.

Shortly, one man designate his self, Peter Elvinger claims from France do the same act with the woman concerned.

He registered at room 237 are not far from Mahmoud 's room.

Two more agent observably in the CCTV camera headed for a other hotel.

In his the next day, found 17 people from assassin team were in Dubai by using forged passport.

Their victim was Mahmoud.

Closed circuit camera show the Hamas 's commander travel single-handedly considered as option which sparked question mark for one man like him which has some bodyguard and know him is in wanted people list Israel.

According to Daily Mail press, Mahmoud which arrived in Dubai being followed by one the advanced team aided with detector placed in his rented car.

He between the team member was Daveron which uses wig to hide his bald head.

In that hotel, thin woman lanky the are waiting at lobby.

He spend time in the morning by shopping in boutique, flirtatious with hotel clerk and see hotel front door.

The killer not speaking between one same other directly.

According to Israel newspapers, they communicate by using his mobile phone that conversation unaccounted.

When Mahmoud records encroached hotel Al Bustan, Daveron and the lanky thin woman retreat and two more agent emerge.

CCTV camera show two black-haired men followed the Hamas 's commander during he journeying to lift.

By bringing tennis racket, shorts, T shirt and sports shoes with white stocking,

At 8 o'clock at night, during Mahmoud inside hotel room, the killer squad poised for action.

The lanky thin woman seen smile through CCTV camera by wearing wig make front latest version Mahmoud 's room.

He then disappear. Young man four people adventuring in two team go to Hamas commander 's room the.

However which sparked mystery was how those agents enter Mahmoud 's room and what which occur in Hamas commander 's room door that.

The which resulted Dubai the authorities surprise.

Do that man knock and pretend such as hotel staff?

Or do as their suspect enter the room by using gajet sophisticated intelligence?

Few minutes after eight pm, they already entered Mahmoud 's room.

Forty minutes then, the Hamas 's commander found dead.

Those agents put table lamp gone to the land of nod apart and suspend the wire at one gajet which killed Mahmoud by electric shock.

Some investigators believe squad members the killer try to spawn such as heart attack before melemaskannya by using pillow.

There is scorch in his chest.

At 8.46 o'clock at night four his killer calmly exited from his room and the killer squad regrouped at a lift apart from putting sign do not disturb front Mahmoud 's room.

Four people of the squad leave that hotel a few minutes later by wearing clothes like them want to go golfing.

The lanky tall women and the assassin team balance exited from Dubai within two hour by direct to distinasi different and board different flight.

Hotel staff later found Mahmoud 's body in the morning.

What a queer its was, room locked from deep.

Dubai the authorities still thought of how that killer get credit card based in US to finance that murder operation.

However, found speculation that exist one more killer climb Mahmoud 's room and exited from his room.

Analyst container West Asia for Department Of Defense US, Graeme Bannerman states found the killer possibility do not know that in Dubai, found closed circuit camera record each geri they.

By his fact, the killer considered their amateur because picture recorded by closed circuit camera until has caused that Israel perception kicked around by a intelligence rival which wanted Mahmoud 's murder blamed on Mossad.

"Public can say that it are not professional such as handled Mossad because normally has no effect omitted by the intelligence agency.

"However, what sure effectiveness (operation murder the) has been talked," said Bannerman.

"Currently, by found monitoring camera, atmosphere unlike in 30 years ago.

"It difficult to do (murder) in time now.

"However, in Israel, there was nobody even questioned it (murder) the has been committed by Mossad," tambahnya.

In latest development, Israel Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman now still negotiating with a couple officer in Europe to convince that his country no related to forged passport use by Mahmoud 's killer.

Hamas commander 's killer the enter Dubai by using British passport, Ireland, French and German. - Agency

p/s: death Mahmoud having own his death in plan???or otherwise??

Khamis, 18 Februari 2010

TOP Of Malysia's 40 Richest!!

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 — By now it is no surprise that the rich around the world are getting poorer. Malaysia is no exception: Its 40 wealthiest are worth US$36 billion (RM126 billion), down from US$46 billion a year ago. That loss is largely in line with the 21 per cent drop in the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index and not too bad considering the fact that the ringgit has lost 10 per cent against the US dollar, the currency in which net worths are measured.
Malaysia's billionaires continue to dominate. The country's two richest people, Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan, both again No. 1 and No. 2, are worth a combined US$16 billion and account for 44 per cent of the top 40's wealth. They are also the two richest people in Southeast Asia. The country's nine billionaires are worth US$30 billion, or 84 per cent of the total, the biggest wealth disparity among any of Forbes Asia's other rich lists. Vincent Tan is the only Malaysian to have dropped out of the billionaire ranks in the past 12 months as share prices in his companies declined.
There are signs of recovery. The nation's stock market index has been climbing in the past two months. Kuok's fortune is up US$2 billion since March, when he appeared on the world's billionaires list. Five other billionaires have posted a combined US$800 million in gains since then. Kua Sian Kooi grabbed the last spot on the list as a result of a big rally in his insurance firm Kurnia Asia's stock, up 50 per cent since the start of April.
Three newcomers debut, thanks to the discovery of better or new information. They include software executive Goh Peng Ooi, IOI board member Chan Fong Ann and gaming tycoon Chen Lip Keong, who operates a casino in Cambodia and a tourism business in Malaysia.
Four people have returned to the ranks after an absence of a year or more. Among them are Syed Mohd Yusof Syed Nasir and Tan Teong Hean, who cashed out of Southern Bank several years ago and are now making new investments.
Among those who dropped off the list are several tycoons who barely missed the cut, including CIMB Bank's Nazir Razak and OSK finance group's Ong Leong Huat. Malaysian citizen Ong Beng Seng, who has lived in Singapore for decades, is wealthy enough to qualify but stands to be listed among that nation's 40 richest in September, largely due to the fact that he and his wife, Christina, who is a citizen of Singapore, share a number of holdings.
1 Robert Kuok US$9 billion diversified 85. Married, 8 children
Onetime rice, sugar trader heads multinational Kuok Group. Biggest source of wealth is stake in Wilmar International, palm oil outfit run by his nephew. Other big holdings are Hong Kong real estate group Kerry Properties, hotel operator Shangri-La Asia. Has an interest in South China Morning Post publisher. With Filipino tycoon Eduardo Cojuangco Jr's San Miguel, plans to spend up to US$1 billion to develop public land for farming to boost agricultural sector.
2 Ananda KrishnanUS$7 billion telecom 71. Married, 3 children
Runs Maxis Communications, Malaysia's largest cell phone service provider, with more than 10 million subscribers; took it private in June 2007 in US$12 billion deal, then sold 25 per cent to Saudi Telecom the same month. Last year sold Excel, the exhibition venue in London's Docklands, for reported US$230 million and bought 20 per cent stake in British regional newspaper chain Johnston Press, luckily a small holding, as stock has dropped more than 80 per cent since as it struggles with debt. Modern art collector, has homes in Kuala Lumpur, London and south of France; has a son who is a monk living in the forest.
3 Lee Shin Cheng US$3.2 billion palm oil 70. Married, 6 children
Former plantation field supervisor heads IOI Group, one of world's leading operators of palm oil plantations, refineries. Took its IOI Properties private in April. IOI's stock has doubled since November but still down a third since last year amid falling commodity prices.
4 Lee Kim Hua US$2.5 billion gaming 80. Widowed, 6 children
Widow of Lim Goh Tong, who transformed a jungle on outskirts of Kuala Lumpur into one of world's most successful casino resorts. Genting Group now run by her son Lim Kok Thay (No. 14) but inheritance held in trust to benefit Lee, her children and grandchildren.
5 Teh Hong Piow US$2.4 billion banking 79. Married, 4 children
Former bank clerk opened first bank in 1966. Now his Public Bank has 14,000 employees; branches throughout Malaysia, also in Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China. Set up Public Islamic Bank as a subsidiary in November 2008. Donates to medical institutions and to the Malaysian Nature Society to fund planting of trees.
6 Quek Leng Chan US$2.3 billion diversified 68. Married, 3 children
Heads conglomerate Hong Leong GroupMalaysia, with interests in finance, entertainment, real estate. Bought 5 per cent stake in Mokhzani Mahathir's (No. 16) Kencana Petroleum and 3 per cent in Intercontinental Hotels Group last year. Family's GuocoLand is planning retail, residential, office projects in China. Inherited business from his father, one of 3 brothers to start a banking group in 1920s.
7 Yeoh Tiong Lay US$1.8 billion diversified 79. Married, 7 children
Founded YTL Corp, one of Malaysia's largest conglomerates, run by son Francis.
8 Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary US$1.1 billion diversified 57. Married, 5 children
Former rice trader controls Malaysia Mining Corp. (MMC); has stakes in Malaysia's Johor Port, independent power producer Malakoff, natural gas distributor Gas Malaysia. Inking projects in Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Lost billionaire status earlier this year but back up top thanks to rebound of MMC stock. His Albukhary Foundation offers scholarships to students from poor countries to pursue college education in Malaysia.
9 Tiong Hiew King US$1 billion timber 74. Married, 4 children
Dubbed by some as Asia's Rupert Murdoch — his Chinese Media International has 5 newspapers, 30 magazines in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, North America. His Rimbunan Hijau, which means "forever green," has palm oil, timber assets. Big player in New Zealand, where he owns timber, property and fish farming companies; also in Papua New Guinea, where he has an English-language newspaper, hypermarkets and controversial logging operations.
10 Vincent Tan US$750 million diversified 57. Married, 11 children
Has run Berjaya, which means "success" in Malay, since 1984; interests in hotels, lotteries, real estate, finance. Operates 7-Eleven, Wendy's, Starbucks, Borders in Malaysia. Opened first Krispy Kreme store there in April. Also operates water and sewage treatment and sanitary landfills in Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Selling stake in moneylosing US eatery Roadhouse Grill; setting up a school in China.
11 Azman Hashim US$470 million finance 69. Married, 5 children
Longtime banking executive has been executive chairman of Amcorp since 1993. Malaysian financial services group. Opened Brunei operations in May. Chairman of the Malaysian Investment Banking Association. Loves scuba diving, painting and fast cars. A singer, has also recorded numerous albums.
12 William H.J. Cheng US$390 million retail 66. Married, 3 children
Runs the Lion Group, which has interests in plantations, steel, property. Though nicknamed "Steel King," biggest source of wealth is his indirect stake in Chinese retailer Parkson Retail, which he chairs. Also known as Cheng Heng Jem.
13 G. Gnanalingam US$260 million ports 64. Married, 3 children
Former tobacco and advertising executive cofounded, heads Westports Malaysia, one of nation's biggest ports. Private company valuation up because of better information from outside analysts; expects volume to contract for first time since it started as a container business in 1996. Has stake in transit hub KL Sentral.
14 Lim Kok Thay US$225 million gaming 57. Married, 3 children
Son of late Lim Goh Tong, has run Genting since 2003. Building gaming resort on Singapore's Sentosa Island, slated to open in 2010. His Star Cruises is working with Filipino tycoon Andrew Tan's Alliance Global to develop resort complex in Manila Bay.
15 Anthony Fernandes US$220 million airlines 45. Married, 2 children
Perennially optimistic travel tycoon on move during recession. His AirAsia, region's largest budget airline, adding flights to Bali, Taipei; secured debt financing for 15 new planes. Stock down just 2 per cent in past year. Its two-year-old long-haul discount airline AirAsia X began flying from Kuala Lumpur to London in March; Richard Branson is an investor.
16 Mokhzani Mahathir US$215 million oil services 48. Married, 5 children
Son of former PM Mahathir Mohamad runs petroleum company Kencana; former chairman switched roles and was redesignated chief executive in September. Investors include Quek Leng Chan (No. 6). Recently became chairman of fibre optic cable outfit Opcom Holdings, replacing his brother, its founder, who was named deputy international trade and industry minister. Also Malaysian Grand Prix chief, authorised Porsche dealer.
17 Lee Oi Hian US$210 million diversified 58. Married, 4 children
Chief executive of Kuala Lumpur Kepong, involved in plantation, property, retail. Bought palm oil business, Ladang Perbadanan-Fima last year; disposed of stake in Barry Callebaut Malaysia. Its Crabtree & Evelyn brand being hit by economic downturn. Also chairs Malaysia Palm Oil Council, chemicals company Batu Kawan; serves as director of British chemicals maker Yule Catto & Co Plc.
18 Chan Fong Ann US$209 million palm oil 78. Married
Joined board of Lee Shin Cheng's palm oil group, IOI 1985; remains a non-executive director and one of its biggest individual shareholders with a nearly 3 per cent stake.
19 Kamarudin Meranun US$205 million airlines 48. Married, 5 children
Deputy chief executive of AirAsia, which he cofounded with Anthony Fernandes (No. 15). Also close partner with Tony in several other businesses including AirAsia X, in which he owns a bigger stake; Tune Hotels, which has 5 locations and is opening 7 more; and Tune Money.
20 Chong Chook Yew US$200 million real estate 87. Widowed, 4 children
Columbia University grad has run family's Selangor Properties since 2000. Stock down just 5 per cent in past year, buoyed by successful housing project in Claremont, Australia.
21 Chen Lip Keong US$195 million gaming 61.
Founded NagaCorp in 1995, the year he obtained 70-year gaming licence in Cambodia; eventually built country's largest gaming resort, NagaWorld. Listed in Hong Kong in 2006. Serves as economic advisor to Cambodia's prime minister. Controlling shareholder and president of Malaysia tourism company, Karambunai. Trained medical doctor, headed Composite Technology Research, aerospace outfit owned by Malaysian government, for 7 years.
22 Lee Swee Eng US$190 million oil services 53. Married
Runs KNM Group, which provides services and equipment to oil and gas industry; stock dropped by more than half in past year. In September announced joint venture with France's Prosernat to form KPN Gas Technology. Fortune includes shares belonging to wife, Gan Siew Liat, head of human resources.
23 Jeffrey Cheah US$185 million real estate 64. Married, 3 children
Accountant started local tin mining outfit in 1974. Became Sunway Group, with interests in property, infrastructure, education, hotel and health care. Bulk of fortune held in property arm Sunway City, which is expanding in China and India.
24 Lim Wee Chai US$180 million rubber gloves 51. Married, 2 children
With his wife, spent US$180,000 in savings in 1991 to start a business trading rubber gloves. Later moved into manufacturing. Now his Top Glove is one of world's largest producers, with 850 customers in 180 countries; claims to have 24 per cent global market share. Apparently benefiting from ageing population, medical threats like swine flu. Shares up 12 per cent in past year, more than 50 per cent year-to-date; fortune down because of lower value of personal property.
25 Ahmayuddin Ahmad US$175 million port 52. Married, 4 children
Board member of both transit hub KL Sentral and Westports, the port he cofounded with G. Gnanalingam (No. 13) and which counts Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa as an investor.
26 Lee Hau Hian US$174 million diversified 55. Married, 1 child
Son of late rubber baron Lee Loy Seng is managing director of Batu Kawan and board member of KLK, which brother Lee Oi Hian runs. Batu Kawan's stock has rebounded 30 per cent since October low, but still down for past year.
27 Lau Cho Kun US$165 million diversified 73. Married
Largest shareholder in tilemaker Malaysian Mosaics, bought out its stake in Hap Seng, with interests in plantations, property, credit finance. Hap Seng's auto division operates Mercedes-Benz dealerships that supply Samling Group, run by his son-in-law, with logging trucks and transportation vehicles. Has no position at either company.
28 Vinod Sekhar US$150 million rubber 41. Married, 2 children
Late father invented process to devulcanise used tyres so they can be recycled. Vinod has been working to commercialise it. Timberland is first footwear manufacturer to incorporate Green Rubber, to be used in two of the company's fall 2009 collections. Reportedly being tested by several tyre companies. Minor investors include Mel Gibson, Forbes family members and Bruce Willis, who sued last year for return of funds after company didn't go public but later settled. Valuation down because of market conditions and few exit strategies for small tech outfits.
29 Liew Kee Sin US$140 million real estate 50. Married, 4 children
Former banker joined real estate firm SP Setia in 1996 as a director and is now group's managing director. With partners, developing US$620 million urban project in Vietnam.
30 Tiah Thee Kian US$135 million real estate 61. Married, 5 children
Cofounder of TA Enterprise, with property, financial interests. Owns Radisson in Sydney; announced purchase of the Westin Melbourne. Returned to board in 2007 after 5-year ban tied to conviction for reporting irregularities on Malaysia bourse. Wife Tan Kuay Fong filled as chairman during interim and remains chief executive.
31 Rozali Ismail US$130 million infrastructure 53.
Got start in law, then Islamic banking. Now executive chairman of water treatment and distribution company Puncak Niaga. Initially rejected Selangor government's offer to buy out some of its water concessions but is still negotiating. Shareholder in TRIplc Bhd. and WWE Holdings; trading in both suspended because of profitability issues.
32 Lin Yun Ling US$115 million infrastructure 54. Married, 2 children
Managing director of infrastructure group Gamuda, which has investments in such places as Indochina, South Asia and the Middle East. Sold part of his stake last year.
33 Yaw Teck Seng US$113 million forestry 71. Married
Founder of Samling Group, one of world's biggest forestry companies. Depressed plywood prices and lacklustre housing demand have led to falling profits. Stock dropped nearly two-thirds in past year; down three-fourths since its public offering two years ago. Son Yaw Chee Ming, who runs the firm, is worth US$85 million, just missing cut.
34 Goh Peng Ooi US$112 million software 53.
Electronics engineer worked at IBM Malaysia for 9 years. In 1989 founded Silverlake Axis, which provides banking and financial services software to companies across the globe. Educated in Tokyo.
35 Eleena Azlan Shah US$110 million infrastructure 49. Married, 2 children
Trained as a lawyer in Britain. Set up her own firm in Malaysia in 1987. Her wealth comes from her being the largest individual shareholder in infrastructure firm Gamuda.
36 David Law Tien Seng US$105 million mining
Cashed out his stake in Australian iron ore mining company Midwest when China's Sinosteel took company private in September. Apparently involved in philanthropy projects in Malaysia.
37 Syed Mohd Yusof Syed Nasir US$100 million banking 61. Married, 3 children
Former chairman of Southern Bank, sold out in one of nation's biggest deals of 2006. Since then has bought shares in pipemaker YLI, which have since dropped. Has had better luck with investment bank K&N Kenanga, whose shares are up 63 per cent. Partnering with Ong Beng Seng to develop first Four Seasons hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
38 Hamdan Mohamad US$98 million infrastructure 53. Married, 2 children
Australian-educated engineer controls infrastructure conglomerate Ranhill. Took its Ranhill Utilities private last year in a US$290 million deal; recently sold nearly 5 per cent of Ranhill to an undisclosed buyer. Avid polo player.
39 Tan Teong Hean US$95 million banking 65. Married, 3 children
Chief executive director of Southern Bank for 23 years until it was bought out in 2006. Former MasterCard board member now chairs Singaporean smart card outfit Cassis International. Also chairman of Southern Capital Management and member of the Board of Trustees of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research.
40 Kua Sian Kooi US$90 million insurance 56. Married, 4 children
Executive chairman of insurance firm Kurnia Asia, which claims to have 6,500 agents, 3.5 million policyholders in Malaysia. Leading provider of car insurance, looking to diversify. Stock up 50 per cent since start of April.
The list was compiled using shareholder and financial information provided by individuals themselves, stock exchanges, public documents and analysts. For people with publicly traded documents, net worths were calculated using stock prices and exchange rates from May 15. Privately held fortunes were calculated using database company BRIS and other sources to estimate what companies and assets would be worth if public. — Forbes

TOP 10 Orang Paling Kaya Di Malaysia












Orang Kaya Malaysia???

Terkini Senarai 40 Orang Terkaya Malaysia!!

Pasti setiap orang terdetik ingin mengetahui siapa sebenarnya individu paling kaya di Malaysia, semakan di enjin carian google juga menunjukkan perkataan “Terkaya Malaysia” banyak digunakan dalam enjin carian google cahaja, belum termasuk carian lain seperti Yahoo, livesearch dan sebagainya. Maksudnya ramai pihak berminat untuk mengetahui siapa sebenarnya individu paling kaya di Malaysia.

Setakat ini senarai yang dikeluarkan di oleh Suzanne Nam bertarikh 21 Mei 2008 telah menunjukkan jutawan Robert Kuok sebagai individu paling kaya di malaysia dengan aggaran harta bernilai $10 billion. Jutawan berusia 84 tahun dan mempunyai 8 orang anak tersebut menceburi pelbagai bidang perniagaan di Malaysia termasuk juga do Hong Kong.
Senarai lengkap 40 individu terkaya di Malaysia setakat 21 Mei 2008 adalah:
Rank Name Net Worth ($BIL) Age
1 Robert Kuok 10.00 84
2 Ananda Krishnan 7.20 70
3 Lee Shin Cheng 5.50 69
4 Teh Hong Piow 3.50 78
5 Lee Kim Hua & family 3.40 79
6 Quek Leng Chan 2.40 67
7 Yeoh Tiong Lay & family 2.10 78
8 Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary 1.80 56
9 Vincent Tan 1.30 56
10 Tiong Hiew King 1.10 78
11 Azman Hashim 0.70 68
12 William H. J. Cheng 0.66 65
13 Lee Swee Eng 0.50 52
14 Ong Beng Seng 0.47 63
15 Lim Kok Thay 0.35 56
16 Vinod Sekhar 0.32 40
17 Lee Oi Hian 0.30 57
18 Yaw Teck Seng 0.30 70
19 Anthony Fernandes 0.29 44
20 Mokhzani Mahathir 0.29 47
21 Kamarudin Meranun 0.28 47
22 Jeffrey Cheah 0.28 63
23 Lee Hau Hian 0.25 55
24 Chong Chook Yew 0.25 86
25 Yaw Chee Ming 0.24 49
26 G. Gnanalingam 0.23 63
27 Lim Wee Chai 0.20 50
28 Kua Sian Kooi 0.20 55
29 Lau Cho Kun 0.19 72
30 Abdul Hamed Sepawi 0.18 58
31 David Law Tien Seng 0.17 NA
32 Tiah Thee Kian 0.16 61
33 Liew Kee Sin 0.16 50
34 Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad 0.16 51
35 Eleena Azlan Shah 0.15 48
36 Lin Yun Ling 0.15 53
37 Ong Leong Huat 0.13 64
38 Lim Thian Kiat 0.12 50
39 Khoo Kay Peng 0.11 69
40 Nazir Razak 0.10 41

Pesanan Fadz kepada Orang terkaya Malaysia:

p/s: fadz harap orang terkaya di malaysia ni dapat mengharumkan nama malaysia di mata dunia dengan perniagaan yang dicuburi oleh mereka.. hope jangan lah ada perasaan bongkak dan ego dengan kekayaan yang di miliki oleh mereka malah menggunakan untuk kebaikan pada diri dan juga negara malaysia...

Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Amalkan budaya nasihat..


Dalam nasihat, ada terkandung alternatif yang perlu dipilih untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan yang timbul.

JANGAN menjadikan nasihat sebagai satu kritikan yang boleh menyakiti hati dan perasaan yang boleh memutuskan hubungan silaturahim. - Gambar hiasan

DALAM menempuh kehidupan seharian, kita tidak boleh lari daripada melakukan kesilapan. Pelbagai faktor boleh dikaitkan dalam melakukan kesilapan, mungkin kerana lupa, terlepas pandang, tidak disengajakan atau tidak mendapat maklumat yang cukup.
Oleh itu, amalan nasihat menasihati dalam kehidupan merupakan salah satu cara untuk mewujudkan keharmonian hidup. Rasulullah s.a.w menegaskan dalam sabdanya yang bermaksud: 'Agama Islam itu nasihat. Kami berkata bagi siapa wahai Rasulullah? Baginda menjawab: Bagi Allah dan kitabNya (al-Quran) dan Rasul-Nya (Sunah-Nya ) dan bagi para Imam (ketua kaum Muslim), serta bagi orang ramai' - hadis riwayat Muslim.



Teks oleh Haswari Ali
Foto Ihsan Siti Nurhaliza Productions (M) Sdn Bhd

Peluang keemasan yang diberikan Dato` Siti Nurhaliza kepada 2 bintang muda, Aizat dan Faizal Tahir menerusi konsert Satu Suara di Istana Budaya yang berakhir malam semalam, jelas membuahkan satu natijah di luar jangkaan.

Bukan sekadar pada sambutan daripada peminat 2 bintang berkenaan, malah kewibawaan mereka memberikan persembahan hebat dan bertenaga untuk 3 malam berturut-turut, nyata cukup membanggakan ramai pihak terutama penerbit konsert itu, Siti Nurhaliza Productions (M) sdn Bhd (SNP).
Dominasi Aizat dan Faizal yang turut mendapat sokongan padu daripada kelab peminat masing-masing, Aizoners dan Rockersteiners, telah mencatat sejarah tersendiri meskipun ini adalah pertama kali mereka digabungkan bersama.

Lebih mengejutkan lagi apabila Faizal berjaya mengotakan janjinya untuk langsung tidak bertongkat sepanjang konsert berkenaan selepas hampir beransur pulih daripada penyakit di kaki sebelah kanan yang dialaminya sejak 3 bulan lalu.

"Semua ubat sudahpun habis saya telan hari ini. Alhamdulillah berkat doa daripada semua, saya masih gagah berdiri meskipun ada ketikanya saya hampir tak berdaya, tetapi saya gagahkan juga.

"Salah saya juga kerana tidak berjumpa doktor. Kerana saya sepatutnya membuat pemeriksaan doktor selepas hari pertama persembahan, tapi saya gagal. Apapun esok saya akan berjumpa doktor. Tapia apa yang pasti saya telah mencapai matlamat untuk tidak bertongkat dalam konsert ini," katanya yang dijangka pulih sepenuhnya dalam tempoh 2 bulan.

Sama ada Faizal mahupun Aizat, masing-masing tidak menjangkakan sambutan luar biasa peminat muzik di luar sana yang sanggup mengorbankan waktu mereka terutama pada persembahan malam semalam yang jatuh pada cuti umum Tahun Baru Cina.

Lantas peluang itu diberikan sehabis baik buat 2 sahabat itu dengan genre muzik muzik mereka yang nyata berbeza, namun diselenggarakan dengan cukup gah oleh pengarah konsert itu, Jennifer Thompson.

Dibuka dengan persembahan duet ringkas bersama lagu Saya Anak Malaysia, dominasi Aizat seterusnya menyerlah bersama susunan lagu-lagu popularnya, seperti Kau Dan Aku, Kau Fikirlah dan lagu tuahnya di Anugerah Juara Lagu berjudul Pergi.

Lebih istimewa lagi apabila Aizat berkongsi rahsia 2 ikon muzik kegemarannya sedari kecil lagi iaitu kumpulan The Beatles dan Raihan dengan mendendangkan lagu-lagu terbaik mereka seperti Yesterday dan Thank You Allah.

"Sejak saya kecil lagi sehinggalah berusi 21 tahun iaitu, saya sudah dibiasakan oleh mak saya untuk mendengar lagu Thank You Allah, tiap-tiap kali balik dari sekolah. Lagu ini sudah serasi dalam telinga dan jiwa saya. Sebab itulah saya persembahkan kepada anda hari ini," katanya kepada penonton.

Melengkapi persembahan solonya, Aizat menunjukkan kemahirannya bermain piano sambil mengalunkan lagu yang telah berjaya membawa namanya sebagai penyanyi hebat, Hanya Kau Yang Mampu.

Ruang Panggung Sari sekali lagi bergema, tapi kali ini lebih menyerlah, sebaik saja Faizal yang tampil cukup bergaya bersama pakaian rekaaan Hazwani Osman dengan lagu permulaan solonya Sampai Syurga.

Begitu terserlah taring Faizal lebih-lebih lagi apabila kedengaran semaraknya sorak- sorai peminat Raja Rock Alaf baru itu.
Entah mengapa, seperti yang dimaklumkan oleh mereka yang telah menonton konsert itu di malam pertama dan ke-2, Faizal pada malam terakhir nampaknya telah terbawa-bawa dengan jenaka meleretnya sampai mengundang sedikit kebosanan.

Tiap ruang, diisi penyanyi itu dengan riak dan penuh bersahaja bagaikan alpa dengan masa yang sentiasa mencumburui.
"Bukan niat saya untuk cakap kosong. Tapi malam terakhir ini suara saya banyak hilang. Tambah pula dengan keadaan saya yang kurang sihat, saya cuba meredakannya dengan cara berinteraksi dengan penonton sebelum saya menyanyikan lagu seterusnya.

"Pada persembahan malam pertama, Dato' Siti ada usik-usik saya supaya jangan terlalu banyak bercakap. Begitu juga untuk malam ke-2. Tapi untuk malam ini, dia memberikan saya kebebasan. Tambahan pula, dalam mana-mana persembahan hiburan sekalipun, memang sukar untuk menetapkan masa dengan tepat,” jelas Faizal sebagai alasan.

Jenaka Faizal berterusan selari dengan sorakkan peminatnya yang menginginkan dia hadir dengan lagu hitnya seperti Cuba, Bencinta, Batu & Golek, Selamat Malam dan juga tidak ketinggalan 3 lagu dari idolanya Queen.
Bersempena Hari Memperingati Kekasih, gabungan Faizal dan Aizat dimantapkan lagi dengan kemunculan Siti bersama lagu Sejati yang dinyanyikan mereka bertiga dengan lenggok serta alunan muzik lebih segar.

Bagaikan suara sang dewi turun dari kayangan, Siti lemah gemalai mendahului persembahan dengan madley lagu cinta seperti Sekuntum Mawar Merah dan Relaku Pujuk yang turut mendapat paduan suara Faizal dan Aizat.
"Syukur Alhamdulillah, sebagai penerbit, Siti nampaknya telah berjaya merealisaikan harapan peminat untuk melihat mereka berdua membuat persembahan di atas pentas berprestij ini.

"Meskipun kali ini Siti tidaklah memberi komitmen sepenuhnya sebagaimana konsert solo Siti sebelum ini, tapi selama 3 malam ini, Siti berpuas hati dengan komitmen yang mereka berikan kerana apa yang kita mahu terjemahkan dalam konsert ini, matlamatnya sudah pun tercapai," katanya yang mengidamkan peluang membawa penyanyi tempatan ke Esplanade, Singapura suatu hari nanti.

Ahad, 14 Februari 2010


GAMBAR menunjukkan salah satu pengimbas yang terdapat di Lapangan Terbang Heathrow, London pada 2 Februari lalu.

Di Wagshington fatwa Islam Amerika Syarikat baru-baru ni melarangkan umat Islam menjalani pemeriksaan pengimbas bogel di lapangan terbang baru - baru ini..yang di laporkan oleh sebuah akhbar..

Larangan di sebabkan satu pelanggaran jelas ajaran islam mengenai lelaki dan wanita dilihat berbogel oleh lelaki dan wanita lain yang di perkatakan oleh fatwa Amerika tersebut.

Larangan itu merupakan tamparan hebat berhubung penggunaan mesin X-ray yang ditempatkan di Lapangan Terbang Heathrow dan Manchester, Britain.

Mesin pengimbas itu digunakan untuk kebaikan negara itu kerana khuatir dengan penganas yang disyak wak sangka mebawa bom dalam senyap-senyap.. tetapi pihak Agensi amerika akan menggunkan kaedah lain untuk memastikan keselamatan Amerika Syarikat terjamin...


Fadz ingin menguncapkan selamat tahun baru cina kepada penganut Budhha dan china yang berada di blog ni...
semalam detik pukul 12 wah memang xleh tido fadz dibuatnya..
bunyi mercun berdentom disana - sini macam tengah beperang lah pulak..hehehe
tapi apa- apa pun memang meriah Tahun Baru cina pada tahun ni...
rakyat cina memang menyambut dengan baik dan menghormati penganut agama lain yang
betandang ke rumah mereka.. Limau dalam perut aku ni pun dah berlambak maklum lah
ramai sangat kawan - kawan di tempat kerja bagi limau..hehe kalau bagi ampau xperlah jugak kan?? hehehe..
ok lah apa2 pun selamat bersuka ria di tahun baru cina...Ghaum2... tahun HARIMAU!!!hehehe...

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

100 pelajar asrama Sekolah Menengah Teknik Setapak diserang histeria????

KUALA LUMPUR: Mengejutkan apabila 100 pelajar asrama di Sekolah Menengah Teknik Setapak, di sini, yang sedang tidur menjerit secara tiba-tibabertempiaran lari sebelum dipercayai diserang histeria, petang semalam.

Difahamkan, kejadian itu bukanlah insiden pertama sebaliknya kejadian susulan selain jumlah pelajar yang diserang histeria terlalu ramai sehingga memeningkan pengurusan sekolah berkenaan.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 4 petang itu, difahamkan pada mulanya jumlah pelajar yang terkena histeria dalam bilangan kecil namun mula merebak lebih besar dalam tempoh tidak sampai 20 minit.

Pelajar, Farah Aida Yahya, 16, berkata kejadian itu sudah berlaku sejak malam kelmarin membabitkan beberapa pelajar tingkatan empat dan berjaya diuruskan pihak sekolah.

"Apa yang pelik kebanyakan pelajar yang sedang tidur secara tiba-tiba menjerit menyebabkan keadaan menjadi kecoh.

"Ada yang meronta tidak tentu pasal menyebabkan kami semua takut. Pada mulanya, kami nak tolong juga namun bila terlalu ramai diserang, tiada apa yang dapat dilakukan lagi," katanya ketika dihubungi, di sini, semalam.

Menurut Farah Aida, ibu bapa pelajar yang terbabit datang mengambil anak mereka untuk berubat.

"Keadaan mula reda kira-kira jam 5 petang apabila penghuni asrama pulang ke rumah masing-masing," katanya.

Farah Aida berkata, semua penghuni asrama tertanya-tanya mengenai status sesi persekolahan sama ada akan diteruskan ataupun tidak kerana sekolah tidak mengeluarkan sebarang notis berhubung kejadian itu.

Seorang pelajar yang mahu dikenali sebagai Ain, 17, berkata kejadian histeria itu paling besar sejak setahun lalu kerana membabitkan ratusan pelajar dalam satu masa.

"Kejadian histeria sudah beberapa kali berlaku sebelum ini namun hanya membabitkan beberapa pelajar dan boleh diredakan dalam masa yang singkat.

"Namun, kali ini keadaan menjadi huru-hara kerana ia membabitkan ratusan pelajar sehingga sukar dikawal," katanya.

Sementara itu, ibu pelajar, Siti Hayati Ismail, 33, berkata selepas mendapat panggilan daripada rakan anaknya mengenai kejadian itu, dia terus bergegas ke sekolah untuk membawa anaknya pulang ke rumah.

Sementara itu, wartawan Harian Metro yang menghubungi pihak pengurusan sekolah terbabit untuk mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut mengenai kejadian itu gagal.

sumber: metro harian

ANALISIS UNDIAN TOP 5 ABPBH 2009!!! New Update..

KONTROVERSI yang melanda penyampai radio yang beralih angin daripada Sinar FM ke Suria FM melonjakkan undian terhadapnya. Malah, kes dirinya yang bakal menghadapi tindakan Fahrin Ahmad gara-gara dakwaan aktor kacak itu mengasarinya, barangkali membuatkan peminat wanita Linda bersimpati terhadapnya lalu meluahkan sokongan mereka terhadapnya melalui undi.

Ini sekali gus menipiskan peluang penyampai Hot FM, Fara Fauzana yang sudah dua tahun berturut-turut memegang trofi Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular. Jika trend undian sebegini berterusan sehingga tarikh tutup kira-kira sebulan lagi, barangkali tidak mustahil Linda kembali menggenggam trofi itu.

Kali terakhir penyampai radio tinggi lampai itu memegang gelaran Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular adalah pada tahun 2006. Berita Harian memperkenalkan kategori ini mulai tahun 2001 dan sejak itu, Linda tidak pernah gagal mendapat undian tertinggi peminatnya. Enam tahun bergelar penyampai radio popular bukan calang-calang orang boleh menikmatinya, tetapi gadis ini ‘memang sesuatu’.

Bagaimanapun, undian terhadap Fahrin masih lagi di takuk lama. Malah, duta kepada beberapa produk popular itu tidak langsung memberi cabaran kepada calon lain seperti Aaron Aziz, Fizz Fairuz, Fizo Omar dan Remy Ishak dalam kategori Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular. Jika minggu lalu, saingan setiap mereka adalah sengit, tetapi minggu ini sudah ketara, peminat Remy dan Fizz pula mengambil sikap ‘tunggu dan lihat’ saja.

Tidak mustahil, Aaron bakal menggenggam trofi ini seperti kategori Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular yang turut membariskan namanya. Jika minggu lalu, undian terhadap Que Haidar sama naik dengan Aaron tetapi minggu ini, undiannya mula merosot. Peminat Zul Huzaimy, Afdlin Shauki dan Farid Kamil mula bangkit daripada lena yang panjang.

Barangkali hadiah yang ditawarkan Berita Harian kepada pembaca yang mengundi melalui surat khabar seperti kereta Nissan Grand Livina 1.6L, motosikal Naza Blade 250, barang kemas Habib Jewels dan pelbagai hadiah yang lain membuka mata mereka.

Seorang lagi artis yang undiannya ‘meletup’ adalah pengacara mulut becok, Sarimah Ibrahim yang bersaingan dengan Fara Fauzana, Cheryl Samad, Nurul Syuhada dan Raja Azura dalam kategori Pengacara TV Wanita Popular. Silap hari bulan jika Fara baru-baru ini berkata saingannya adalah Raja Azura kerana undian setakat ini menunjukkan dia mendapat saingan hebat Sarimah yang menjadi hos Diari AF dan terbaru, sebuah program realiti Asian Biggest Losers.

Jika trend undian ini berterusan, nampak gayanya Fara mungkin akan kehilangan dua trofi dalam Anugerah Bintang Popular 2009 yang akan berlangsung di Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands pada 4 April ini. Bangkitlah peminat Fara! Buktikan sokongan anda terhadapnya. Mana perginya lebih 100,000 peminat yang kononnya menyatakan sokongan terhadap Fara melalui Hot FM?

Dalam kategori Penyanyi Wanita Popular, tidak banyak perubahan undian yang menarik untuk diperkatakan minggu ini. Malah Datuk Siti Nurhaliza sudah jauh meninggalkan Stacy dan Yuna, apatah lagi Jaclyn Victor dan Mila. Begitu juga dalam kategori Penyanyi Lelaki Popular, bintang kelahiran Astro seperti Mawi, Adam dan Akim masih mendapat tempat di hati peminatnya. Sekali lagi, bangkitlah peminat Faizal Tahir dan Aizat!

Berikut adalah antara calon yang mendapat saingan mengikut kategori:

# Penyanyi Duo/Berkumpulan Popular
Bunkface adalah saingan Adam & Stacy, Meet Uncle Hussain

# Penyanyi Nasyid Popular
Raihan adalah saingan Rabbani

# Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular
Liyana Jasmay adalah saingan Maya Karin

# Pelakon TV Wanita Popular
Fasha Sandha adalah saingan Rozita Che Wan

# Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular
Aznil Nawawi adalah saingan Faizal Ismail, Ally Iskandar

# Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular
Faizal Ismail adalah saingan Aznil Nawawi, Kieran

# Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular
Saiful Apek adalah saingan Zizan, Nabil

# Artis Komedi Wanita Popular
Kenchana Dewi adalah saingan Noorkhiriah

# Artis Baru Lelaki Popular
Akim adalah saingan Hafiz, Black

# Artis Baru Wanita Popular
Isma adalah saingan Tiz Zaqyah

Sumber: Berita Harian

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