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Isnin, 22 Februari 2010

Death story Mahmoud !!


NEW YORK - Such as film in Hollywood on tale of murder.

New York press Post yesterday list way a murder squad murder Hamas 's a commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh at a luxury hotel in Dubai, Emiriyah Arab Bersatu (UAE) in last January.

The murder squad previously associated with Mossad intelligence agency Israel property.

According to the press, Mahmoud are born in Kem Jabalia in Gaza Strip in 1960 have kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers in 1989 in Palestine.

After the murder are known by general, Israel pledge will revenge while Mahmoud escape but he do not go out of

After the murder are known by general, Israel pledge will revenge while Mahmoud escape but he do not go out of Hamas 's movement.

Mahmoud then reported smuggle firearm and explosive revert to Gaza from Syria was the place live him new.

More 20 years ago, he help Hamas gets Iranian artificial missile bullet afford to fly to its neighbours countries.

The Hamas 's commander almost can be caught Israel but he managed to smuggling into Syria.

However, Israel reconnaissance then obtained information that Mahmoud will be at Dubai in months ago to buy firearm from

The Hamas 's commander then book flight over the Internet.

When Mahmoud arrives in Dubai, he contact his wife and told place location live him.

A few Hamas officer admitted Mahmoud 's action contact the wife reveal him in danger.

It is best time to do attack.

Evidence-based found through closed circuit camera recording (CCTV) and passport being falsified, Dubai the authorities decided that there is a elite squad murder Mahmoud.

Killer squad defendant Dubai the authorities as many as 17 people including one woman use usually visible trick and tactic in writing novels US diplomats container (US), Jason Bourne.

Ketua Polis Dubai, Dahi Khalfan Tamim believes 99 percent that Mossad is murder mastermind Mahmoud.

Although get international criticism, Israel not confirm or denied carrying out operation murder Mahmoud.

What known was a team had training high enter Dubai to do the dragged on operation during 10 hours.

The operation late start night in last January 19.

Track the Hamas 's commander started when two men agent departed to Dubai by bringing passport which declares his name as Michael Bodenheimer and James Leonard Clarke namely respectively from Germany and Britain.

Shortly, another aircraft which brought a lanky thin woman aged in 30s radius, wears glasses and claimed from Ireland by using Gail Folliard name arrived.

The woman are flying from Paris with a Irishman, Kevin Daveron bases name in forged passport.

Dubai monitoring 's camera record four people image gathered at a field

The lanky thin woman checked into Al Bustan Rotana hotel inhabited that Hamas 's commander.

Shortly, one man designate his self, Peter Elvinger claims from France do the same act with the woman concerned.

He registered at room 237 are not far from Mahmoud 's room.

Two more agent observably in the CCTV camera headed for a other hotel.

In his the next day, found 17 people from assassin team were in Dubai by using forged passport.

Their victim was Mahmoud.

Closed circuit camera show the Hamas 's commander travel single-handedly considered as option which sparked question mark for one man like him which has some bodyguard and know him is in wanted people list Israel.

According to Daily Mail press, Mahmoud which arrived in Dubai being followed by one the advanced team aided with detector placed in his rented car.

He between the team member was Daveron which uses wig to hide his bald head.

In that hotel, thin woman lanky the are waiting at lobby.

He spend time in the morning by shopping in boutique, flirtatious with hotel clerk and see hotel front door.

The killer not speaking between one same other directly.

According to Israel newspapers, they communicate by using his mobile phone that conversation unaccounted.

When Mahmoud records encroached hotel Al Bustan, Daveron and the lanky thin woman retreat and two more agent emerge.

CCTV camera show two black-haired men followed the Hamas 's commander during he journeying to lift.

By bringing tennis racket, shorts, T shirt and sports shoes with white stocking,

At 8 o'clock at night, during Mahmoud inside hotel room, the killer squad poised for action.

The lanky thin woman seen smile through CCTV camera by wearing wig make front latest version Mahmoud 's room.

He then disappear. Young man four people adventuring in two team go to Hamas commander 's room the.

However which sparked mystery was how those agents enter Mahmoud 's room and what which occur in Hamas commander 's room door that.

The which resulted Dubai the authorities surprise.

Do that man knock and pretend such as hotel staff?

Or do as their suspect enter the room by using gajet sophisticated intelligence?

Few minutes after eight pm, they already entered Mahmoud 's room.

Forty minutes then, the Hamas 's commander found dead.

Those agents put table lamp gone to the land of nod apart and suspend the wire at one gajet which killed Mahmoud by electric shock.

Some investigators believe squad members the killer try to spawn such as heart attack before melemaskannya by using pillow.

There is scorch in his chest.

At 8.46 o'clock at night four his killer calmly exited from his room and the killer squad regrouped at a lift apart from putting sign do not disturb front Mahmoud 's room.

Four people of the squad leave that hotel a few minutes later by wearing clothes like them want to go golfing.

The lanky tall women and the assassin team balance exited from Dubai within two hour by direct to distinasi different and board different flight.

Hotel staff later found Mahmoud 's body in the morning.

What a queer its was, room locked from deep.

Dubai the authorities still thought of how that killer get credit card based in US to finance that murder operation.

However, found speculation that exist one more killer climb Mahmoud 's room and exited from his room.

Analyst container West Asia for Department Of Defense US, Graeme Bannerman states found the killer possibility do not know that in Dubai, found closed circuit camera record each geri they.

By his fact, the killer considered their amateur because picture recorded by closed circuit camera until has caused that Israel perception kicked around by a intelligence rival which wanted Mahmoud 's murder blamed on Mossad.

"Public can say that it are not professional such as handled Mossad because normally has no effect omitted by the intelligence agency.

"However, what sure effectiveness (operation murder the) has been talked," said Bannerman.

"Currently, by found monitoring camera, atmosphere unlike in 30 years ago.

"It difficult to do (murder) in time now.

"However, in Israel, there was nobody even questioned it (murder) the has been committed by Mossad," tambahnya.

In latest development, Israel Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman now still negotiating with a couple officer in Europe to convince that his country no related to forged passport use by Mahmoud 's killer.

Hamas commander 's killer the enter Dubai by using British passport, Ireland, French and German. - Agency

p/s: death Mahmoud having own his death in plan???or otherwise??

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