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Isnin, 22 Februari 2010


WHEN many peer other children with him may be on busy playing video game or computer software in the house, or spending time romp in field, the small this have already his exclusive activity distinctive.

Accompanied gajet having size and as heavy as about one per 20 of the his body statistic, Danial Fitri 's perception Md Yusoff Othman, 7, already reached to finest angle and may be often neglected average child.

Keen interest which indicated Danial that is which brought Kosmo! to Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor recently. Preoccupied and amazed feeling fill the photography exhibition space when enjoy 30 offerings creativity work photo

In exhibitions theme the Bicara Alam, topics for Daniel 's work that unique. There is given Hantu name and Gajah, Burung in Atas Elektrik, Burung Diri Jauh, Rumah Terbakar and Monyet Menung. Extra special, all the title is pupil creation one myself standard one.

Since his talent is inside skil photography started honed from age 4 years, Danial now already belongs hundreds photo collection which mostly theme animal and environment.

"Picture most I like to was Gajah and Hantu. This one elephant and this one phantom," said Danial to writers while showing shadow recording human and stone block.

At first a person could could not imagine elephant and phantom when see that picture. However, when explained that way by Daniel, new imagination take over then the stone similar to temporary an elephant human shadow on the other hand looked like what that is believed as phantom.

Proved the small with height 104 centimetres the not only own talent photograph but also owns extraordinary view on what diambilnya.

Are excited with Kosmo visit!, Danial running to get his camera and show his actions photograph. Hand and fingers Danial small did not stop him to put up and run the camera resembling experienced a photographer.

Although attitude and gayanya photograph has not been similar professional photographer, however those results recorded of button quotation the camera quite admirable. Indirectly it reflect personal Danial like observe and had profoundest curiousity.

On that exhibition, Danial says he easy when see so many of the people visit to see his photograph output.

"But why who come all adult, not children like me?" Ask Danial invite sense-of-humour and smile in lip hear it.

Daniel tells, he bide to see lake nearby area because according to him there have been lots fish and bird. View in also nice lake, he said.

According to Danial 's mother, Azmatul Hazrin Zaman, 33, the child of its already shown interest in photography since four-year-old.

"If I and husband photograph, we always carried Danial with. Ever once before Danial clever photograph, he ask to me 'what mother is making?'

"Danial also ever taken my camera and try to take photograph. At first I worried he will harm that camera. However, what was going on, Danial clever photograph and his result is also nice.

"After he showing interest, I and husband no fed up teach him," Azmatul speech also represent his husband sense of pride, Md Yusoff Othman, 61.

Which tumpahnya gravy otherwise to rice. Likewise Danial inherit talent photographing in photography field. Itself Azmatul is experienced a photographer while Md Yusoff on the other hand was field former lecturer Universiti Teknologi Mara photography (UiTM), Shah Alam.

Even previously, Azmatul and Md Yusoff already many times doing solo exhibition which gathered great results their lens recording.

Meanwhile, photography exhibition launched by Education Director-General, Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd. Dome in that day can be seen as family exhibition.

Alam talk also present Azmatul photography 's work and Md Yusoff.

Making world as inspiration, inside art direction each photo displayed a lot of play with artistical aspect through motive usage, icon and metaphor.

Md Yusoff told, normally Kampung Sekinchan, Selangor becoming place them bring Danial photographs.

"There many birds and paddy field. Apart from that, I will bring Danial takes my country close-up namely Kampung Sri Kendong, Negeri Sembilan," he said also owns also fond a son photograph namely Darius Feroz, 2.

But Md claim Yusoff, Darius still not clever yet photograph beautiful. The this father joke, currently Darius knows raise and press camera button only.

Danial in fact spoke eloquently have asked before with Azmatul why sometimes picture diambilnya not pretty. He told his camera already damaged. Whereas, picture diambilnya the vague due to hand vibration.

Finally, Azmatul buys Danial tripod to memudahkannya photograph. Azmatul adds, now Danial already clever determine aperture and speed shutter with itself.

Quoted said Alimuddin wishful Danial will become inspiration to other student through that photography exhibition, many can be deduced.

Not only example make children, in fact it be lesson to group of parents. Intellect, talent and interest cultivating on beneficial activity indeed necessary instituted at young age.

"One day wait me want so great photographer," said Danial which obviously look far dream and ambition question

p/s: felt so amazed with talent be in younger brother Danial this...good if already know child's talent - child from small again, later already large no need to work hard what your child fancy in something field...fadzul pray younger brother Danial continue to compose as photographer popular in world's eye..insyaallah...

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