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Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Highest DOG pictorial world with his owner, David Nasser in Tucson, United States.

TUCSON - Guinness World Records party announced a Great Dane special breed dog in United States (US) as highest dog in the world because height measured from foot to to his shoulder hit 1.09 metres.

Dog given the Giant George 's name high two centimetres compared his close competitor, Titan who is also of Great Dane breed from San Diego.

A few Guinness officer stating exist contradictory report related George height cause them send a jury to mengesahkannya.

Dog as heavy as 115 kilogrammes four-year-old the possessed by David Nasser. - AP

P/S: Do not know on the other hand be highest dog in the world...what which foods fed by the dog's master??? MUST IF CHASE VERY FAST PEOPLE..HEHEHE BUT AT my house BE BIG DOG BEAR??WHY NOT ENTER GUINNESS??HUHUHU

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